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A Conceptual Revolution that Subverts Skincare Habits -

Have you used creams for a long time?
When you're taking good care of your skin, are you sure all those ingredients in the bottle are necessary?

Dr. Lin Pishia with 20 years of experience in researching cell culture at National Taiwan University has observed that many emulsifiers shrink fuzzy coatings or dissolve waxy layers when in contact with a plant. Due to the similarities between human skin tissue and plant surfaces, lotion and cream, which are mixed by emulsifiers, is therefore not a choice for Dr. Lin. Lotions and creams have revolutionized 21st-century skincare routines. However, maybe we can reimagine existing skincare routines and make them even simpler.
*In terms of skincare products, emulsifier generally refers to a surfactant that can produce emulsification in formula operations. As long as the appropriate emulsifier and amount is used, lotions and creams can be produced with safety and feel in mind. Consumers don't need to worry too much when using them.

If Skin Only Needs Water and Oil*
Why Don't We Just Give it Exactly That?

At Greenvines, we believe the true way to face care is to let your skin do the work by making use of its inherent functions and skills. There are just two essentials your skin truly needs to be at its best: water and oil.

*Note: Water and oil here refer to water-based ingredients and oil-based ingredients.

Water-based skincare:

Hyaluronic acid and other water-based ingredients contained in toners and serums can deeply hydrate the skin and enhance the skin's resilience with active ingredients.

Oil-based skincare:

Face oils similar to your skin's structure can help nutrition penetrate, repair the skin barrier and firmly lock in water. This can not only improve skin texture, but also strengthen its defenses.

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Skincare Essentialism

Less: unnecessary skincare steps.
More: working with your skin for better results.

At Greenvines, we believe the true way to face care is to let your skin do the work by making use of its inherent functions and skills. There are just two essentials your skin truly needs to be at its best: water and oil. By applying water- and oil-based products, your face will be able to resolve any skin problems and restore itself to a healthy and naturally glowing state.

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Join No Cream Experiment
and see for yourself the power of “LESS”

Try it tonight -

We invite you to skip the cream before going to bed tonight and after waking up tomorrow morning, and feel the changes brought about by No Cream Experiment!

Beauty is not that complicated! Only water-based and oil-based ingredients are essential to achieve healthy skin. No cream is necessary.

Case Group: You tonight, using Greenvines' two-step No Cream Experiment. Control Group: You last night, using your original skincare products and routine.

Toner/Serum: The products you usually use. The simpler the ingredients, the better! Face Oil: Natural origin and water-free face oil is recommended.

Of course, if you happen to have Greenvines’ Know More Awakening Toner, Know More Luminosity Serum, Know More Resilience Face Oil, or Know More Absolute Moringa Face Oil, then you have what we consider the best experimental materials!

Water-based skincare
Apply an appropriate amount of water-based toner/serum to your entire face to hydrate your skin, and allow it to penetrate and deeply activate your skin.

Oil-based skincare
Apply 1-2 drops of face oil to your palm, then rub between your palms to warm it up. You may not be used to the feel of the oil at first. After a gentle massage, you'll notice the natural glow and elasticity of your skin.


√ After a little massage, face oil is absorbed faster than you'd expect, and your face isn't oily to the touch.
√ Your skin is protected with a thin film, and you can feel your skin’s complete hydration.
√ When you get up the next day, your skin feels soft and moist, showing a natural glow.
√ When you put on makeup in the morning, you get a smoother makeup finish that stays in place.
√ Your skin is still in ideal condition, even without cream.
Thank you for participating in No Cream Experiment. We hope your results are the same as ours -- There’s no need for creams when oil is enough!

*Reminder: No skincare product is right for everyone. If you develop any skin sensitivity or discomfort, please stop using the product immediately, and observe the condition of your skin after you stop. Contact Greenvines customer service or seek medical assistance if appropriate.

You're welcome to leave us a message and share your results after the experiment is over.
Find beauty by leaving behind what you don't need!