At Greenvines, we believe in more: more information, more transparency and more consistency. To ensure all formulations are not only safe to the skin but also safe to the environment, we go above and beyond to evaluate every ingredient against our high standards which comprise 5 dimensions in pursuit of clean beauty, and we call this - FAITH Formulation Standard.

Free from the Unnecessaries

We reject more than 2,400 ingredients listed on our "Unnecessary List".

Adhere to Skin’ s Original Mechanism

In accordance with true expectations and biocompatibility of a product, we only approve ingredients that can be effectively absorbed and utilized by the skin to keep the skin at its natural and healthy state.

Identify with Simplicity

The presence of each ingredient must meet the criteria of
(1) being beneficial to the skin, and
(2) supporting the integrity and safety of the product formulation.
The only exception is the plant-based essential oils, which are used to enhance the pleasant experience of using the product while masking inherent smells of some ingredients.

Towards Natural Origins

We continue striving to source all of our ingredients from natural origins as much as possible. To date, 98% of ingredients found in our entire product series are derived from natural origins, and we constantly strive to improve.

Honor Sustainability

Even if an ingredient is considered safe for the skin, if the raw material or any by-products created during processing cause any environmental impact or are later used for animal testing, it will never be considered at Greenvines.