A revolutionary skincare formulation for the better.


In reponse to the skin's real needs along with No Cream Experiment, advocating a whole new level of skincare routine that truly sustains.


So transparent that you can see through it effortlessly! Not over-packaged, and being the first ever to reveal the entire list of ingredients along with formula ratios.


Making huge strides in the area of sustainable beauty


Happiness that makes you feel good and healthy.


Attracting 10k+ participants, No Cream Experiment is a breakthrough that truly revolutionizes skincare rituals.


No. 1 Face Oil in LOOKin Beauty Awards: 100% natural premium Moringa Oil, voted by beauty readers as the top-rated product!


Besides rocking the skincare trend, Greenvines' Know More Absolute Moringa Face Oil has also brought true miracles to the environment and farmers in Ghana.

United States

From their sustainable packaging, transparent ingredients label, all the way to their pure and living ingredient "broccoli sprout extract" which is nurtured form a local farm, Greenvines' Know More Luminosity Serum is a complete embodiment of the global beauty trend in 2020.


  • Greenvines' Know More Absolute Moringa Face Oil was the first in Taiwan to receive the TIC Clean Label.
  • Greenvines' Know More Luminosity Serum, Know More Awakening Toner, Know More Resurgence Leave-in Treatment and Know More Frizzless Shampoo are all COSMOS organic certified.
  • Marine Bamboo, found in Know More Resilience Face Oil and Know More Invigoration Eye Serum, has received the Green Ingredient Award.
  • Peruvian Passion Fruit Seed Extract, found in Know More Nourishment Lip Oil, has received the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards.