An environmentalist, a scientist, and an entrepreneur walk into a cafe.
Then, she orders a drink.
She is Dr. Lin Pishia and she is the inspiration behind Greenvines. She believes in more: more information, more transparency, more consistency, more power to you.
Because when we have more of these things we can live a life with less of the other stuff we don’t need: less waste, less excess, less chemicals, less uncertainty.
We reimagine the norm, and never stop asking questions that push us further:

A skincare routine without lotion? Possible. A toner that is nothing but optional? It exists. A sunscreen positioned as the third alternative (after avoiding the sun and layering with clothing)? We made it.

Our philosophy?
The more you know, the better you consume.

Know more science

We’ve been researching, experimenting, and discovering for 20 years. We study the ingredients commonly used in skincare products and even observe how they affect the health and growth of cells.
No more guesswork or unsubstantiated claims.

Know more skin

We know skin and what it needs to get clean; water and oil. We’re resetting skin back to its healthiest and best state with ingredients that mimic skin compositions.

No more natural ingredients that aren’t also biocompatible.

Know more safety

Our ‘Unnecessary List’ = 2400+ harmful and questionable ingredients we leave out of our formulations. What we remove in harmful chemicals, we replace with nourishing ingredients that support your skin and won’t cause harm to the planet either.

No more risky ingredients or ones followed by a question mark.

Know more sustainability

Buying things you don’t need is not a sustainable way to live. Which is why we create only what skin needs and less of what the planet doesn’t. We’re future-proofing your face and the face of the earth with sustainable packaging and active ingredients, and a call for positive change.

No more unnecessary waste or products that hurt the earth.

We’re on a mission to change the way the world consumes, one face at a time.
Welcome to a new skincare practice, for good.
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