Your skin flourishes when it's freed from the unnecessary

At Greenvines, we care about the potential burdens an ingredient may bring, not how powerful the featured active ingredients are. We care about every ingredient, whether it's of natural origin or not. If an ingredient or its manufacturing process poses a risk to your skin or the environment, we discard it. In doing so, we ensure that the power to choose clean skincare is all yours.

Rejecting 7 common ingredients

The Unnecessary List™ that keeps pace with the times

As formulas and research evolve over time, ingredients that were once considered safe may be found to cause harm to your skin and the environment. For example, sunscreen containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, which may cause coral bleaching, have been banned in Hawaii since 2021.

For Greenvines, the Unnecessary List™ is a more fundamental answer.

In addition to not using 1,656 ingredients banned under EU cosmetic regulations*, we focus on​​ precautionary principles* and follow the European verification standard for natural and organic cosmetics--the COSMOS Standard. We update the Unnecessary List™ every year, from the prohibition of more than 2,400 unnecessary ingredients in 2019, to more than 2,700 in 2021. “Clean” should be visible and transparent.

The Unnecessary List™ includes, but is not limited to 7 common ingredients, which are by no means necessary for skincare:


Silicones give products a smooth texture, but they aren't biodegradable and have little benefit for your skin. The leave-on type of silicone forms a thin film on the skin which can hinder the absorption of other skincare ingredients and reduce their effectiveness.


These ingredients are commonly found in household cleaning products. They are powerful degreasing agents that can easily damage skin's natural barrier. The SLES manufacturing process also produces by-products that are harmful to the environment and to the human body.


Most fragrances are artificially synthesized and their formulas are complicated, meaning they can easily trigger skin irritation and allergies. At Greenvines, we prefer natural essential oils from transparent sources.


During its manufacturing process, surfactants from petrochemical sources can produce by-products that are harmful to the environment and irritating to the human body.

Chemical Sunscreens

Some chemical sunscreens can irritate sensitive skin and cause discomfort. They may also cause coral bleaching if washed into the ocean. The Hawaiian government banned the use of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate in 2021.

Synthetic Colourants

Most derived from petrochemical sources, synthetic colourants are mainly used to modify the color of a product to increase its visual appeal with no substantial skincare benefit.

BHA / BHT (Synthetic Antioxidants)

The negative impact of synthetic antioxidants on the human body and the environment is still uncertain, and research is ongoing. One of these ingredients, BHA, has been listed as an environmental hormone by the EU.

*European Commission Cosmetics Regulation: Cosmetic ingredient database (CosIng), 2021/02/18, retrieved from
*Precautionary principle will be applied when there is scientific evidence that an ingredient, technology or process could pose a health or environmental risk.(COSMOS-standard Version 3.0, published 1 January 2019)

Natural and new specially created alternatives that work smarter.

Greenvines products may look and feel different from what you're used to, but each is an optimized solution for you and the environment, created in accordance with the principles of the Greenvines FAITH Formulation Standard.

Unique dual layer of oil and water

In order to overcome the limitations of eye creams and adapt to the incompatibility of oil and water, we've rejected surfactants and created an eye serum with a unique dual layer of oil and water and a higher concentration of active ingredients.

A selection of rare oil-based extracts

At Greenvines, we believe that the evolution of face oils lies in amplifying the advantages of the oils, rather than compromising them with additives that merely improve product texture. By choosing rare oil-based extracts, we make face oils even more exceptional.

More natural, lightweight physical sunscreen

To tackle the challenge of a more natural physical sunscreen, we've used lightweight oil as the base and discarded traditional surfactants, ensuring our sunscreen is safe for people with sensitive skin. Stripped of the sunscreen ingredients, it’s a simple and beautiful face oil.

When there are no formulas and bases on the market that meet the Greenvines standard, we create our own:

Greenvines’ exclusive
Broccoli Sprouts extract

Many of Greenvines' products include an extract from Broccoli Sprouts cultivated for you by the Greenvines farm. Through the farm-to-face approach, we can control the source of our ingredients and ensure that our products are clean, fresh, and effective.

We've created a suitable growth environment for Broccoli Sprouts without pesticides or soil, cultivating them with pharmaceutical-grade irrigation and patented cultivation technology. Combined with our exclusive Broccoli Sprouts extract technology, we've created anti-aging ingredients that effectively and deeply activate your skin.

We hope we can show you more of our insistence on “clean”, from raw materials and production processes to our final products.

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